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May 20, 2004;
Mytharc Book "Winds Of Evil" to be available nationally at Family Christian Bookstores as of September 2004. Look for it now!!
May 21, 2004;
The new MythArc novel Armageddon Strain has been released by Bay Bridge Press. The title was debuted to the industry at the International CBA in Atlanta in late June, and is now available through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, and Parable Christian Stores.
MythArc : The Battle For Humanity Rages All Around Us

The Timeline

The MythArc's timeline spans from the first fall - no, not Adam and Eve; that of Lucifer around 65 million years ago - to the near future, somewhere between 2035 and 2050. There are 6 major story lines that are interwoven to create a fabric from which the enternal battle between Lucifer and God is revealed.

The Great Chess Match

The players are organized into two strategic groups. The Enemy's players are The Watchers, the fallen angels who chose to follow Lucifer in rebellion against the Most High God. They are joined by their monstrous creations, the Nephilim, and those of Mankind that either willingly or unwittingly aid them.

They stand in opposition to God and those who serve Him: His Angels and Archangels, those of Mankind that choose to fight, and, of course, the Lamb of God.

The Battleground

It is all around us, but it is invisible to most--because most men choose not to see the truth, and because events are occuring imperceptably, over time, often moving generation by generation.

The battles are fought in boardrooms and on back streets, in classrooms and dining rooms, on television screens and in dark places which most of us will thankfully never see.

The Enemy is brilliant, for he is older than old and the most perfect being created by God. He is a roaring lion and an angel of light. His chief weapon is deceit, for he knows he cannot match the power of the Most High God.

There are many in his service. Many are seduced by his lies.

His biggest lie is this: There is no Hell.


Events in MythArc time occur over the full 6000 year history of mankind. Indeed, some events even predate mankind. Here is the storyline as it currently stands:
Pre-4000 B.C.
  • Stones of Fire - the story of Lucifer's fall during the First Creation.
4000 B.C. to Noah's Flood
  • The Watchers - Genesis 6:6.
    The story of Samael and his angels who lusted after women and begat giants.
5th Century Britain
  • The Secrets of Roselyn
    King Arthur and the Holy Grail.
6th Century - 540 A.D.
  • The Hammer of God - Denko
    What happens when a shipwrecked sailor lands on an uncharted island, only to discover that it is populated by a race of Giants? Who are these creatures, and what are their plans for mankind?
12th Century Britain / America
  • "Madoc"
    Discovery of America by Welsh prince Madoc ap Owain Gwynedd, son of the powerful Welsh king. Series following descendants through 15th century, which is the estimated time of the disappearance of the Cahokia peoples, the mound-builders in the St. Louis area who dominated the Mississippi River valley for hundreds of years and suddenly vanished.
18th Century America
  • 18th Century Ohio River valley: "Bloody River"
    Illuminati begins to set its hooks in the colonies, stirs up trouble on thewestern frontier (Gen James Wilkinson, found to be a spy for Spain 80 years after he died, was conspirator with Aaron Burr in plot to draw KY and TN away from the new US of A; A direct ancestor, Rezin Bailey, served as a scout and spy under Wilkinson in 1790s)
19th Century Britain
  • The Redwing Series:
    The story of wealthy English Heiress Elizabeth Branham, who discovers a plot to unseat God and install Satan as Prince of a newly united Europe.
    1. Coin of the Realm
    2. Dear Boss
    3. Redwing
19th Century America
  • Minnesota: "Ice Cannibal"
    15 feet tall and hungry for human flesh - Indians call it "wendigo", Hebrews called them "nephilim"
20th Century America
  • 1919 - One Taken, One Left
    The story of a small Kentucky township and the battle fought by a gentle doctor who strove to convince the residents that the 1918 flu epidemic killing their loved ones is not the secret rapture, even though a man who claims to be a preacher twists Godís own word and proclaims it to be the season of sheep and goats.
  • 1920s - The Mirror (Early Eden Ě The building of The Tulip Tree Hotel - a special significance.)
  • 1950s - The John Thundercloud Thrillers:
    • One: Skin Walkers
    • Two: No Title Yet
    • Three: No Title Yet
  • 1960s - The Yellow Brick Road Series
    • One: The Butterfly House
    • Two: Adam 207
    • Three: No Title Yet
Early 21st Century
  • The Laodicea Chronicles:
    • One: Winds of Evil ** AVAILABLE NOW
    • Two: Signs and Wonders
    • Three: Doctrines of Demons
    • Four: Powers and Principalities (cont. in Book Five of Countdown Series).
  • The God Conspiracy Series:
    • One: The God Conspiracy
    • Two: Blood Into Gold
    • Three: Boneman
  • The Countdown Series (where all three series come together):
    • One: 00:10 The Armageddon Strain ** AVAILABLE NOW
    • Two: 00:09 Darkness
    • Three: 00:08 The Lazarus Gene
    • Four: 00:07 Wings
    • Five: 00:06 Adam Rises (from here the Countdown, God Conspiracy and Laodicea Chronicles series all continue in this one series)
    • Six: 00:05 The Watcher Wars
    • Seven: 00:04 Invasion
    • Eight: 00:03 The Rule of Fear
    • Nine: 00:02 Sacrifice
    • Ten: 00:01 Inferno
    • Eleven 00:00 Judgment Day


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